About Supermoon

Supermoon was conceptualized on the night of a Supermoon in 2016 by Audrey Yang. We seek to provide expert curation to the girl focused on affordable quality and effortless vibes. What sets us apart is our east meets west cool-girl style.

We stand for the tomboys who grew up to be girly-girls, the not-so-serious women who get serious stuff done, and the grown-ups who still feed their inner child. We’re inspired by everything from kawaii culture to the 90’s, and from fairytales to Korean soap-operas. We're obsessed with powerful women, lunar phases, and the idea that the world is bigger than we know.

Supermoon was founded on the following principles:

1) Effortless Vibes

From pieces that are specifically chosen to easily pair with with most styles, to clothes that are meant to be lived in and worn out (aka not preciously tucked away), to care instructions that don't include dry cleaning (let's face it, dry cleaning is a drag). We believe that you should be out living your life, not stressing the dressing.

2) Asian Cool meets American Casual 

We're a sisterhood of quirky babes who aren't afraid to blend whimsical Asian street style with casual American basics. 

3) Accessible for All 

We're inspired by Asia's fashion culture, which inarguably belongs to the masses, not just the elite. With this, we're dedicated to maintaining reasonable pricing and committed to creating a racially & culturally inclusive company. 


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