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Supermoon Summer Tent June 11th (+ Tips on Tent Pop-Up Shops)

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Supermoon Pop Up sign

For those of you who came by during Memorial Day, THANK YOU! We'll be popping up again on Rainey St. this weekend (Sunday June 11th from 2-8PM) at the Half Step Bar at 75 1/2 Rainey St. Please note, hours and locations have changed!

(For our besties) If you're signed up on our website mailing list, you'll get a free gift with purchase the day of <3

Our first pop-up was a huge success! People were so excited to see the product in-person and hold it in their hands and take it home.  

However, successes aside, we were a HOT MESS (literally and figuratively the day of). For those of you wondering how it went, I have a couple of learnings that I can share from our first experience at an outdoor market:

1) Get Up & Set Up Early.

Regrettably, we were out late the night before for a friend's wedding celebration so we didn't get up on time to set up for the market. We were rushed, sweating, and had to frantically set up. 

2) It gets HOT. 

While setting up, the temperatures climbed into the the high 90's but believe me it felt like the 100's without a breeze. I was dripping, dehydrated, and miserable. This time, I'll be bringing one of those little fans with a mister bottle and plenty of water. Hater's gonna hate, but as dorky as they are I really wished I had one that day!

3) Be organized and prepared. 

Bring what you need, not more! Running around the day of trying to find particular products was not fun and was pretty stressful. Trying to assemble gift bags for purchases the day of whilst simultaneously fielding customers was also stressful. I didn't even have cinderblocks or tent weights, so I had to borrow them from some kind vendors nearby. Prepare as much as you can the day before! 

4) Get a Credit Card Swiper

Should have been obvious, but entering each credit card number was awful. You'll mess up, then have to start again, or stand there and feel guilty that it's taking so long. I even felt the need to explain multiple times that I was NOT stealing customer information (Ha!). I've ordered one now, so hopefully it will arrive by next Sunday. 

 For more questions or to chat in-depth, email me at hello@supermoonatx.com 


Audrey @ Supermoon